Cause of beatification and canonization of the Servant of God Mons. Pietro Margini

Process about life, virtues and reputation for holiness and extraordinary events

History of the Cause

(Diocesan phase. Investigation into the heroic nature of the virtues)

On 8 May 2017 the "Don Pietro Margini Committee" was established as an actor or promoter of the Cause, recognized and admitted by the Bishop on 9 May.

The Committee is made up of eleven promoting members representing all the components of the Familiaris Consortio Movement, founded by the Servant of God. In particular,

  • President: Marco Reggiani
  • Vice president: Don Pietro Paterlini
  • Secretary: Chiara Iotti
  • Director: Franco Paterlini

On 10 May 2017, the Don Pietro Margini Committee appointed Don Andrea Pattuelli as Postulator for the diocesan phase, in turn approved by the Bishop, giving him the mandate of procurator. The Postulator therefore presented a petition for the opening of the Cause (suppliant libellus):

To propose to the People of God the testimony of a priest who has lived in full conformity to the Gospel in multiple pastoral experiences, and who with words and writings has contributed to the education and sanctification of the couple in marriage, to the spread of respect for human life, responsible procreation, the education of children, according to the teachings of the Church.

Documentary evidence.
Per il reperimento e l’esame delle prove documentali, scritti editi e inediti del Servo di Dio, già riordinati, catalogati e in gran parte pubblicati (cfr. in particolare i volumi de “I Quaderni For the retrieval and examination of documentary evidence, published and unpublished writings of the Servant of God, already rearranged, cataloged and largely published (see in particular the volumes of "I Quaderni di Don Pietro", "I love you, Lord "," Teach us to pray "," Between heaven and earth "), the Bishop has appointed two theological Censors and a Historical Commission, with experts in historical and archival matters.

The Commission is made up of:

  • Dr. Fausto Ruggeri, historian
  • Prof.ssa Giorgia Pinelli, philosopher
  • Dr.ssa Maria Spaggiari, head of the "Don Pietro Margini" Study Center

On 18 September 2017 the Nulla Osta of the Episcopal Conference of Emilia - Romagna was received and on 11 January 2018 the Nulla Osta of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Starting from January 8, 2019, the Bishop made the Postulator's petition public through the Edict, inviting all the faithful to provide him with useful information regarding the Cause.

21 June 2020 - Opening of the diocesan inquiry presided over by the Bishop, in the presence of the Episcopal Chancellor, the Vicar General, with the participation of the Promoting Committee and the Postulator, as well as the civil authorities; at the House of the Priestly Community Familiaris Consortio in Borzano di Albinea.

Homily Mons. Camisasca during the opening ceremony of the Canonization Process of Mons. Pietro Margini, diocesan phase.

Constitution of the Tribunal of the Cause

  • Episcopal delegate: M.R. Don Edoardo Ruina
  • Promoter of Justice: M.R. Don Carlo Castellini
  • Actuary notary: Dr. Paolo Bertolani, deacon
  • Assistant notary / cursor: Dr. Lucia Musi

In this first phase of the Canonization process the members of the diocesan Tribunal will listen to the depositions of witnesses, called to report concrete facts about the heroic exercise of the Christian virtues by the Servant of God. At the end of the diocesan investigation, if the whole of the testimonies and data collected is deemed suitable, the deeds and documentation will be transmitted to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome.

The postulator


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  • “È evidente come Don Pietro abbia vissuto il suo sacerdozio
    tra la vita delle persone, condividendo tutto. 
    In fondo, forse, è il segreto più prezioso che ci ha svelato.”
    Umberto Roversi

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